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Motorcycle Video Clips

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Motorcycles and motorcycle racing has been a fascination for many men and women. Many people try to acquire motorcycle videos, clips, and movies for casual viewing. Motorcycle video clips have grown immensely in popularity. Video clips are smaller, streamed video segments having duration of less than fifteen minutes and are excerpted from larger videos. Video clips are streamed video segments and clippings, mostly having duration of less than fifteen minutes. Video clips are often excerpted from larger videos and show particular moments of significance or noteworthiness from the original video. Video clips are often sourced from news recordings, movies, music videos, and television serials. Video clips help budding camera operators, producers, and video developers to enhance their careers.

Video clips are classified into different categories based on their content. The category of motorcycle video clips features motorcycles in action. Motorcycle video clips are small, streamed videos of motorcycle maneuvers, motorcycle testing, new motorcycles, and motorcycle racing. The most common type of motorcycle video clips show overtaking maneuvers at popular grand prix races. Motorcycle video clips may also be based on testing performance of new motorcycles. They are used as promotional videos by top motorcycle companies for providing the target market with information about the features of their new bikes. Some motorcycle video clips also show motorcycle stunts and jump sequences that fascinate people. Some motorcycle clips are made to promote safe riding with the use of helmets and other riding gear. Most motorcycle video clips are streamed from motorcycle races shown on sports channels, home videos and videos made for motorcycle forums.

Motorcycle video clips are viewed by almost everyone fascinated by them. They are available in different formats such as fast-streamed video, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV and so on. Almost all formats of motorcycle video clips are supported by common media players such as Real, QuickTime, and Windows Media Player. Motorcycle video clips are available for download on many websites online. Some motorcycle video clips are also available on mobile phones. These can be transferred to the mobile phones using data cables, infrared, and Bluetooth.

Source by Eric Morris

Attracting New Young Bikers By "Word Of Mouse"

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It is conventional wisdom that the motorcycle industry is worried about the demographic shift of the oldest baby boomers (born in 1946) hitting the United States legal retirement age of 65. As boomers or boomies retire, their older children called Generation X (born 1965 to 1980) and younger ones called Generation Y (born 1980 to 1995) are or will take major roles in our society. So, what’s our industry is doing to tap this vast potential market? Sadly, almost nothing.

Do you know of any motorcycle manufacturer, print magazine, motorcycle TV show or motorcycle rally making real efforts to adjust to these 2 new generations whose taste, language and entertainment is quite different from the one of the baby boomers. Xers and Yers have their own specificities, but both were raised front of television, playing Atari 2600 or World Of Warcraft, doing their homework on a computer and socializing through internet social networks like MySpace. In addition to have raised 2 boys belonging 1 to the Xers and 1 to the Yers, I have a lot of interactions with the new generations and I know for sure that they spend more time surfing the web than watching TV, and more time enjoying HD movies than they will ever reading paper magazines.

We cannot expect that all children born in a biker family are going to be bikers. And even if it would be the case, it will never be enough to support our industry. I have no doubt that the baby boomers children can acquire our taste and love for the sport of motorcycling. But they are not exposed to it because our industry exclusively “talks” to us, never to them, and never in a place or media where we would get a chance that they listen and fall in love with bikes like I did when I was 18. Let’s take Internet, the meeting place of these 2 new generations.

Motorcycle print magazines limit their online presence to a “giant business card” with a few titles and pictures. But in no way they are full and complete interactive online magazines. Consequently their traffic is extremely low and much lower than any improvised website whose author is a biker dude sitting in his kitchen and publishing aggregated motorcycle news copied from other websites. I am an Internet publisher and I believe in the “word of mouse” to extend my passion for motorcycles to others, I don’t understand why my friends and fellow print publishers still don’t recognize it. Major newspapers and magazines were able to have both a successful and profitable simultaneous print and online presence. Why not us?

Source by Cyril Huze

Motorola Razr Cell Phones- Best on The Market?

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I haven’t considered another cell phone since I came across the Motorola Razr cell phones. Really, it sounds silly to say but these phones are beautiful.

They are ultra-thin. We are talking about half of the width of a deck of cards. This is for a flip phone! I was so tired of carrying around one of those old style, bulky ones. Really, my old one was only a few years old but it looked like a dinosaur. The Motorola Razr cell phones are 3.9″ x 2/1″ x 0.5″ and weigh around 3.4oz!

It also has long range blue tooth compatibility which is great. I love to cook and it is nice to be able to walk around wirelessly and talk and not have to worry about the signal ‘cracking up’ due to going out of Bluetooth range.

These phones even have an excellent camera. It is nice to be able to snap a picture on the fly and with a 4 times digital zoom camera you will actually be able to see what is in the picture!

I used to have to carry a PDA (personal digital assistant) and a cell phone. Now all I need is one of the Motorola Razr cell phones. They have a calendar and contact information and you can even synchronize it to your pc so your computer and calendar are on the same page. You can even set it up so that it can download your entire home or work e-mails.

It has voice driven menus and dialing so you do not have to fumble with the keys when driving.

The phone can even be used as a modem meaning that it can send and receive information such as a fax. Imagine how your mobility will be enhanced when you can tell your client or boss to send the fax to your cell phone.

All in all, I think that the Motorola Razr cell phones are the best on the market. You get style, functionality and versatility all in one. Best of all, if you do your homework you can even get one for free.

Source by John Briggs

For the Best Motorhomes, Seek Out Manufacturers That Put Quality First

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The best motorhomes on the market are those that come from reputable manufacturers, are built with parts made by dependable vendors, and have the modern amenities that best suit your specific needs. Quality and safety are constants that must be met by each model, and the quality, not the quantity, of amenities are constant as well. However, deciding which manufacturers make the best motorhomes based on what amenities are available is a very personal decision.

In your search, be sure to find out not only who made the motorhome you are considering, but also who made the chassis and engine used in the RV. Some Newmar motorhomes make use of chassis and engines manufactured by Mercedes Benz, ensuring a smooth, safe drive marked by superior engineering. Some of the Class A motorhomes from Fleetwood and Damon use chassis by Freightliner, the long standing maker of over-the-road semi trucks. With the long frames used in the making of these RV’s a chassis from a truck company is bound to be dependable.

The best motorhomes in Class A, Class B, and Class C will have features that are crafted of solid, dependable materials. Cabinetry made of wood, not laminate or plastic, is a mark of quality workmanship, as is leather furniture, porcelain flooring, and full size or apartment size appliances from reputable manufacturers. The Newmar Ventana is a Class A motorhome that exhibits all of these, with hand crafted oak cabinets, porcelain floors, and side by side refrigerator and full size stove. You don’t have to purchase a Class A RV to enjoy this kind of quality, however. The Itasca Spirit offers many of the same creature comforts, made with the same quality materials and workmanship.

Seeking the best motorhome for you and your family should include many of these constants. Your motorhome should also come with a warranty, whether purchased new or preowned. Each manufacturer places a warranty on their new vehicles; reputable dealers will include some kind of extended warranty on their used models as well. Shop multiple dealers to find the best warranty, and be sure to ask about any available rebate offers. Some dealers offer special deals to those customers who seek their RV’s through the internet.

Before you even begin to shop, make some decisions about what you need and want in your new RV. The size of the motorhome you choose should hinge on several important factors, including the number of people who will be sleeping in your motorhome, the amount of time you will be spending in it, how comfortable you are driving various sizes of vehicles, and your own personal preferences. Often the needs of a young couple seeking a vehicle to take on an occasional vacation differ from those of a retired couple who plan to spend months at a time traveling and staying in their RV. Keep this in mind, and the vast number of choices in motorhomes will no longer seem as overwhelming, as you will have narrowed down your search.

Source by Kevin Wynn

Choosing an Outboard Motor For Your Dinghy

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30 years ago American manufacturers dominated the outboard motor market.Names such as Mercury, Johnson, Evinrude and Chrysler, led the field competing with each other to produce bigger and better outboard engines. However, while this was going on they were neglecting the smallest of the outboards. These are the outboard motors that sell in the greatest of numbers and are often the first outboard many of us, buy. This being the case many of us stick to the same brand (brand loyalty) as we buy other bigger outboards over the years. The Japanese seized on this fact and gradually Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Tohatsu concentrating on small outboards began to take over as market leaders. They achieved this domination by improving efficiency and reliability. As well as adding features to these small outboards previously only found on larger engines.

Having achieved success in the small outboard market, these Japanese manufacturers expanded up the power range. They again came to dominate the outboard engine market up to at least 20 hp. The American manufacturers instead of competing with the Japanese, gave up and decided to buy these engines from the Japanese and badge them as their own. Now the Chinese have entered the market. Basically doing what the Japanese did previously, copying the best features of the present engines and at the same time keeping costs down.

So let us compare the outboards that are on offer for those looking for an outboard motor for their dinghy. If we take a fairly larger dinghy say, a Pioner 12, so that each outboard has to push a reasonably heavy weight through the water. If we then take the following outboard motors :

Mercury 2.5hp; Mercury 3.5hp; Mariner 2.5hp; Tohatsu 3.5hp; Yamaha 2.5hp; Suzuki 2.5hp; Honda 2.3hp; and a Parsun 2.6hp. All these outboards are 4 stroke engines. This is due to an E.U. Directive that prevents 2 strokes from being sold in the E.U. These outboards will provide a fairly wide range of engines available on the market, for powering dinghies.

To judge one engine against the another several tests were completed. A Bollard pull test showed that the Mercury 3.5hp and Tohatsu 3.5hp were the most powerful at 90lbs of thrust (These two engines along with the Mariner are virtually identical). The least effective was the Honda 2.3hp at 66lbs of thrust. In between were the Suzuki 2.5hp at 83lbs of thrust, the Yamaha 2.5hp at 78lbs of thrust and the Parsun 2.6hp at 70 lbs of thrust.

Next test was Fuel Consumption. At full speed – 5.75 knots, the best outboards were the Yamaha 2.5hp and the Suzuki 2.5hp by at least 20%. The worst was the Parsun 2.6hp. When the throttles were eased and the dinghy was cruising the Fuel Consumption comparison was less evident, only about 10% difference. All these figures are for 4 stroke engines. However, based on figures previously recorded for 2 strokes under similar circumstances, the older engines were up to 50% less fuel efficient at full speed. Very thirsty! Remember 2 stroke outboards are still available second hand.

Then the weight of each outboard motor was compared. Four stroke engines are heavier than older 2 strokes because of the powerhead etc. The Mercury, Mariner, Tohatsu, Yamaha and Parsun all weighed approx. 38 – 41 lbs (18 kg.). However, the Honda 2.3hp and Suzuki 2.5hp weighed a lot less at 28 lbs (12.5 kg.).

The price of each outboard motor was then compared. This was difficult to be accurate as discounts and sale offers are always changing.

Mercury 3.5hp £449

Mercury 2.5hp £380

Mariner 2.5hp £429

Tohatsu 3.5hp £449

Yamaha 2.5hp £489

Suzuki 2.5hp £379

Honda 2.3hp £429

Parsun 2.6hp £375

Although the Parsun was the cheapest and it is virtually identical the same engine as in the Yamaha 2.5hp, it is not as good. It is a bit like me following a Gordon Ramsay recipe, to the letter, but when compared side by side you just know that his is going to be that much better. The Chinese are able to copy, just like the Japanese did before them, but they have not got it right, yet!

Finally a little about each outboard tested. The Mercury, Mariner and Tohatsu are the same engine. Starting settings for the throttle are easy to understand with the choke and stop button clearly labelled. The petrol on/off tap is not so clearly marked. All these motors have gears. Ahead and neutral then using the 360 degree rotation you can get astern thrust. There are 4 tilt positions and a shallow water ability. Oil levels can be easily checked by viewing the indicator on the side of the engine cover.

The Yamaha 2.5hp also had easily understood starting and stopping settings but the oil level gauge was out of sight under the engine casing cover. As with the Mercury outboard the Yamaha 2.5hp has gears, ahead and neutral with 360 degree rotation. Unlike the Mercury which has a shear pin, the Yamaha has a rubber hub at the propeller, so no shear pin to break.

The Suzuki 2.5hp is as above but with the oil gauge easily viewed at the side of the cover. The propeller has a shear pin with spares stowed under the engine cover.

The Honda 2.3hp is not water cooled like all the other outboards tested. It is aircooled and has no gears. Instead it uses a centrifugal clutch. This makes starting and maneuvering more difficult than the others. It simply takes a bit of getting used to it. The oil gauge is out of sight under the cover. The propeller has a shear pin with spares kept under the engine cover.

Finally the Parsun 2.6hp, a copy of the Yamaha 2.5hp but not as good. However it is the cheapest engine when new. Fuel consumption was its biggest draw back.

Source by Ian Mcculloch

List of Top Ten Highest Motor Manufacturers in the World

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The data written here has has been fetched from the records maintained till 2008. And thus the figures mentioned here might not be relevant or up to date as of now. The same data can also be found on wiki.

10. Fiat (A Company based in Italy)

It was in 1899 when Giovanni Agnelli and a team of investors came forward and founded the car manufacturing company. Ever since then, Fiat has been the one of the best car makers of Italy. The group has received the coveted ‘European Car of The Year’ award more than 12 times. This company manufactured a staggering 2,524,000 and above number of cars in the year 2008 which brings it to the 10th position.

9. Suzuki (Japan)

On the 9th position we have a company based out in Japan; Suzuki. In 2008 alone, Suzuki managed to manufacture more than 2.6 million units of cars which was distributed across 192 countries. In fact Suzuki has more than 35 main production facilities and has more than 133 distributors. It was in 1909 that Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom, and a fact that would make you wonder is, that Suzuki developed weaving machines for 30 years before it entered into the car manufacturing industry.

8. Hyundai-Kia (South Korea)

The Hyundai Kia company from South Korea is another huge motor vehicle manufacture which managed to bring the manufacturing number close to 2,777,137 units by the end of 2008. This South Korean company has made a name for itself across the entire globe. Founded in 1967, it took very short span of time to achieve this.

7. PSA Peugeot Citroen (France)

The well known Peugeot and Citreon models are the cars manufactured by the well known car company from france; PSA Peugeot. And this company is the 7th largest car maker in the world. In year 2008 the company manufactured a whopping 3,325,407 units of cars.

6. Nissan (Japan)

The top 6th car manufacture is again a Japan based company; Nissan. This happens to be one among the top 3 Asian companies that have been able to manufacture highest number of cars. Founded in 1932, Nissan has been through critical financial issues during the year 1999 and was saved by RSA of France. As of now, Nissan seems to be doing quite well.

5. Honda (Japan)

To name another company from Japan at the top fifth position is the Honda company. Honda brought to market a total of 3,912,700 units of cars in 2008. Among these the most manufactured cars were the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord. Even to date, these cars happen to be one of the favorites. In fact Honda overtook Nissan in 2001 with regards to total car production count. The self taught engineer Soichiro Honda founded this huge company in the year 24th September 1948.

4. Ford (USA)

Who hasn’t heard of this giant? The father of car industry has been the Ford Company. Founded on 16th of June 1903, by Henry Ford, presently occupies the fourth position among the list of top 10 motor vehicle manufacturers in the world. In 2008 it made more than several millions of cars exceeding the Honda company. In fact the total revenue of Ford in year 2008 was a hopping $146.3 billion. But Ford has seen a downfall of production compared to the year 2007.

3. Volkswagen group (Germany)

Talk about the car for people, and we’d be discussing about this German Company Volkswagen, whose name itself means – Car for people. In 2008 Volkswagen rolled out a total of 6,517,288 cars which makes it the third largest car manufacturer of the year. Volkswagen Group manufactures great cars like Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Jetta and Beetle which have been the most favored car of Europe and Americas. Just for information, it was in 1937 that Volkswagen was founded under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

2. General Motors (USA)

The company that almost went bankrupt in the year 2009, was the 2nd highest car manufacturer in the year 2008. GM manufactured a staggering number of cars beating the Volkswagen group. The popular models from GM are the Chevrolet and the Cardillac. GM has been a long lived car company since 1931 which makes it 80 years old to date.

1. Toyota (Japan)

Best selling car manufacturer happens to be another Japan based company. Toyota was founded by Kiichiro Toyota in the year 1937. And ever since Toyota has been one of the most favorite cars of Japan and America. In the year 2008, Toyota manufactured 9,237,780 units of cars which officially makes it the number one car manufacturer of that year. Toyota operates its sister brands Lexus and Scion also. The best and most popular car model from Toyota happens to be ‘Corolla’.

That makes our top ten motor vehicle manufacturers in the world. Hope you enjoyed the list.

Source by Sameer A M

The Best Scooter on the Market – The 49CC

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People who are looking for an inexpensive and more convenient alternative to traditional transportation should consider the 49cc scooter. 49cc owners enjoy a wide variety of benefits that far exceed any drawbacks. These scooters are perfect for people on a more conservative transportation budget. 49cc scooters are light, compact, and often can reach gas mileage of up to 100 miles per gallon. People with short, urban commutes are sure to enjoy this economical gas mileage.

49cc scooters are easy to learn to handle, maneuver and park. The “learning curve” for these scooters is much smaller than for a motorcycle. In a dense, urban environment, parking is often a challenge. Being able to park the scooter much in the same way you would a bicycle makes things much easier. Built-in safety features for the scooter include independently locking wheels, making theft less likely and increasing overall safety.

The positive aspects of being a scooter owner far outweigh any minor negative aspects. One potential negative is that 49cc scooters cannot reach speeds of greater than 35 miles per hour (without customization, which is often illegal) and are therefore not typically able to be driven on interstates or on roads with high speed limits. Bigger drivers, heavy loads and weather conditions can also affect the speed of the scooter, making handling somewhat unpredictable.

Scooter drivers can be required to obtain licenses or motorcycle certifications in some states, but not in all states. Laws pertaining to scooters and their operation vary from state to state so every driver should study their state’s laws.

Customized parts and designs allow 49cc scooter owners to enjoy an experience unique to them and their individual style. Aftermarket parts allow the 49cc owner to be as creative as their imagination allows!

Visit the 49CC Scooter Blog as we continue to explore what makes this scooter one of the most fun and economical to own!

Source by Kristopher Hughes

Get The Best Deal On Used Class A Gas Motorhomes

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Class A motor homes are the top of the line in motor homes. They are luxurious homes on wheels with all the desired amenities. The standard length of a class A motor home is 30 feet to 45 feet and can comfortably sleep up to 6 adults or more, depending on the actual size and design chosen. Everything from the beds to the bathroom give you the feeling of being at home!

There is a plush living room area and dining area. The kitchen area is stocked with the highest quality of appliances and the entertainment center carries only the top named brands of television and stereo systems. Most have easily expandable push out sides for the most efficiency in living space possible. When purchasing a new one, a used class A motor home is a great option to choose from since they are of low mileage and have very little, if any wear and tear.

When ready to dive into a high quality motor home purchase, take some time to research, and you will find that used motor homes are a very welcoming discounted investment of family fun! There are used motor homes sold by individual private sellers and then there are the pre-owner motor homes sales lots that will almost always have a much better over all check-up and warranty on their used ones. Even though prices and mileage will vary upon which exact motor home you end up choosing, this of course is no different as buying any type of vehicle used and resold. Before going out to the many new and used recreational vehicle sales lots around in your area, the research can start in the comforts of your own home!

The Internet has hundreds of sites featuring thousands of used class A gas motor homes to compare sizes, prices, different years and models of each of the many major recreational vehicle manufacturers. Most all of these sites have pictures to take virtual tours of the many styles and models. Touring these sites first, will be a big help when going in to make the final purchase.

For those out there who desire to live on the road and start off with a good savings, there are no comparisons between the new and used motor homes. With many families splurging when a money fall comes in or just charging and financing too much, there are always a constant yearly percentage of defaults for one reason or another. With a savings of 1000’s of dollars off of original price, returned class A gas motor homes are very good deals for those serious investors looking for long term usage and those first time buyers.

Source by Keggy Ambrose

Ford Harley-Davidson Delivers Hallmark For Toughness

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Ford, which is said to be the leader in global automotive industry, unites with Harley-Davidson to create a series of pickup that will astound the truck market. 2007 Ford Harley-Davidson(TM) F-150 Super Crew is the latest from the two motoring giants. This limited-edition series is inspired by the Ford F150 pickup parts which are given further attitude to compete with other trucks on the road.

The 2007 Ford Harley-Davidson(TM) F-150 Super Crew is the 9th model from the partnership of Ford and Harley-Davidson. Since their partnership in the year 1999, the two giants have produced 6 F-150 models as well as Super Duty F-350 and F-250.

All-new Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Super Crew boasts its powerful and beefy 22-inch forged-aluminum wheels with split 5-spoke design to deliver precise driving experience. It also features chrome billet grille, blacked-out headlamps and dark tinted smoked-out tail lamps to accentuate its powerful stance.

Cisco Codina, president of Ford says “This truck builds on the legacy of toughness that’s been the hallmark of the Ford brand. Now, we’re giving customers more of everything they love with the boldest Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 ever – with all-wheel-drive capability, 22-inch polished forged-aluminum wheels and an interior that will take your breath away.”

F-150 Super Crew also comes in an entrancing black glossy Monotone exterior striped with hot-rod scallop. To add an air of elegance and roughness in its interior, designers used vent rings, chrome handles, floor shifter and door pulls. At its rear portion, the Harley-Davidson F-150 badge is placed. Aside from that, ground effects were augmented.

Gordon Platto, Ford F-Series Chief Designer says “We’ve designed a cockpit that’s a tribute to the open road. We’ve introduced high-gloss Piano Black cues along the instrument panel, center stack and console to bring in a feeling of visual motion. Combine that with the rich leather and bright chrome that’s been such an essential part of all our Harley trucks, and you’re surrounded with styling that salutes motorcycle culture.”

2007 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Super Crew will be out for sale throughout North America this September.

Source by Chuck Smith

Automobiles Versus Motorcycles on the Road

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When was the last time you were on the road and you were headed out-of-town on a nice day and you did not see multiple motorcycle riders sharing the road with you? It seems like every time there is a chance to get away for a few says they, meaning motorcycle riders, have the same ideas too. Living in the southern states provides this opportunity often where you can ride eleven out of the twelve months and honestly you could ride the twelfth month if you have the appropriate riding gear for the road.

Free online auto insurance and motorcycle insurance will provide you some good comparison information that shows you it is not expensive to have a motorcycle if that is a mode of transportation you like to ride. They say they are dangerous and maybe they are but if you are able to do everything you can to make sure a car can see you then you are giving yourself the best chance the next person would have whether they are on a motorcycle or in a car. Cars can be a dangerous mode of transportation if you are a bad driver or if you are drunk behind the wheel.

Automobiles have the advantage of the four wheels and maintaining the full balance of the vehicles all the time. There are motorcycle riders that will put gadgets on their motorcycles that will shine in the evening hours so cars can see them. They may have reflectors on their boots, their helmets, and their jackets. Do you think they are trying to get your attention? You bet they are. The more attention they can get the safer they will be driving on the road and they know they will be seen.

When looking for free online auto insurance quotes you may want to see what the difference is if you ever have an interest in riding a motorcycle. Otherwise, check your rates to see where you can save and make sure you have the benefits you need to cover your vehicle you are currently driving. Everyone has the same goal on the road and that is to drive safely and to get where they need to go.

Source by Heather Greenberg