How Electric Bike Batteries Work

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Even for normal people, it is a little harder if you will travel with heavy load using a bike and goes up and down a hill. Thus, in recent years, electric bikes are gaining popularity for being a better option than an ordinary bike.

There are four main parts of an electric bicycle – the battery, the electric hub motor, a durable frame and spokes, and the brakes. Among the four, the most important is the electric bike battery.

To put it simply, electric bicycles are bikes powered by batteries. This battery is connected to the main parts of the bike that needs power – typically the pedal, the hub motor, the brakes and optionally a head and/or tail light so you can travel safer at night.

Batteries contain all the power that will make your electric bicycle move. In basic concept, you can use any kind of battery on a bicycle to make it move. However if you will consider the size, weight, durability, and how your battery stores power, you can make your bike move faster.

Most popular electric bike battery nowadays is the lithium ion battery, because it is small, light weight, and easily rechargeable. This battery is also the type we use on laptop, mobile phones, and in almost any electric gadgets there are in the market.

Electric bike batteries are what make an electric bicycle unique from an ordinary bike. The handicapped or elderly can manage a bike with this kind of modern revolutionary way of travelling, and to travel with a bike; even if you’re carrying heavy loads will not be such a problem anymore.

At the same time, it is still cheaper than buying a car or a motorcycle, more economical since it uses electricity instead of gasoline, convenient too because you don’t have to pedal and it will still move at a safe speed. There’s no doubt that the world would be a far cleaner and healthier place if more and more people uses electric bike battery and turn their bikes into electric bikes.

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Make a Statement – Choosing the Best Motorcycle Jackets and Motorcycle Trousers Tips to Complete You

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Hopping on your motorcycle, starting it up and then zooming away may sound like the ultimate adrenaline rush to you — but having the best motorcycle jackets and motorcycle trousers will absolutely make a whole new kind of experience. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to have the most expensive gear in town — protective gears include certain types of pants, jackets, boots and gloves — and for motorcyclists, we can consider a Cordura or leather-made jackets to be a complete necessity. It’s time to pay a little more attention with your motorcycle jackets and motorcycle trousers from now on.

Let’s first talk about the jackets — your very own motorcycle jackets should include protection on the spine, elbow and shoulder regions. These are the most basic things to consider before anything else — a motorcycle jacket is just a jacket if doesn’t give you the support, safety and comfort that you need. They don’t have to be all heavy and bulky — that will just heighten the discomfort. You can actually take a pick on a wide variety of motorcycle jackets in the market that will absolutely suit your taste. ]

Let’s take up Cordura It is a high performance synthetic fiber that will diminish all things uncomfortable when you’re out riding your motorcycle. Extreme high temperature or just plain change in temperature can be draining that’s why you need to get the highest kind of quality when it comes to the fiber of your clothing. There are plenty of other fiber brands that may suit your needs so the best thing to do is to research and finally know what you want before you go hit your favorite motorcycle clothing stores. It’s important to consider highly recommended gear or something you’ve tried before that definitely worked for you. Remember: comfort and safety first. The rest are all second priority.

To some, they think that wearing leather is all about fashion. Leather is cool, we rest our case. What they don’t know is that the very reason motorcyclists wear leather a jacket is because they tend to shield and care for the user because protective leather are tough, stronger and moderately flexible — just good and just right when you’re riding your motorcycle. Some companies that manufacture these products tend to test the leather jackets they produce from cut, tear, burst resistance and impact abrasion — so rest assured, you’re safe. So if you think your motorcycle gear (aka your jackets and motorcycle trousers) are overrated, think again: you will need to get a little upgrade on your wardrobe sooner.

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Road Accidents Involving Children

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Around 5000 children are killed or seriously injured on Britain’s roads every year (AA). One third of all cycling casualties, and a quarter of cycling fatalities, are children. The figures have declined in recent years, thanks in large part to the work of safety campaign groups such as Brake, Rospa, and APIL, and resulting government policy.

In 2006 the Government announced a new cycling proficiency test for children, to be trialled by 3000 kids before national roll out. Also In 2006 a new law came into force requiring children under the age of 12, and being less than 4 foot 5 inches tall, to use correct child restraints whilst travelling in a vehicle. The Government estimated this would prevent 2000 deaths and injuries a year.

The law recognises that children can be expected to be less careful than adults, and claims involving children are often successful even where it may appear that the child was at fault. The claim will be brought on the child’s behalf by a parent or guardian.

Personal Injury Lawyers claim can be brought by a child any time up to 3 years from their 18th birthday, but in practice a lawyer should consulted as soon after the accident as possible, so that evidence can be obtained and preserved.

If your child has been involved in a road accident:

-Take down the details of the other party at the scene, including name, address, telephone and insurance details and vehicle registration number.

-Report the matter to the police immediately. If for any reason this is not possible report the accident in person to a police station as soon as you can (and get a reference number)

-Take details of any other party and any witnesses.

-Contact your own insurers, if relevant.

-Contact Osbornes Personal Injury Lawyers as soon as possible for free initial advice.

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Same Day Couriers – Not to Be Confused With a Parcel Carrier

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There are quite a few types of courier services and carrier services, and they are easily confused when you don’t use them or need them very often.

First, we have the most common type, which are the parcel couriers or carriers as they are known. They take parcels and packages up to 25kgs in weight and when they are sorted (usually at a central depot) they are then multi- dropped to their destination points. Prices range from £5 upwards and delivery is done overnight, 48 hours, 2-3 days or another length of time that you specify.

Most people when they call a same day courier they assume that they are the parcel carriers, that they are getting a low cost but high volume service. Check before you book!

Breakages are not uncommon with a parcel carrier. Insured value tends to be low and it’s a nightmare to make a claim. The paperwork can tie you in knots, for weeks!

As I said earlier – Check before you book what type of courier service you are getting.

Then we have Same day couriers or Express couriers who work with urgent consignments that have to be delivered right NOW! This is a more expensive courier service because they are ad hoc or a specialist service in some cases. Breakages, well so far we have had 100% success in 7 years of trading. We are very lucky. A professional same day or express courier will wrap and package your parcel carefully, often treating it like it was their own.

Confusing the two types of courier service may mean your parcel is dispatched same day but costs you 4 times the price! Check which service you require and if you are not sure, then call for advice.

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Nolan Helmet Review – A Rider’s Perspective

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Although there are many different types of Nolan helmet, the company is best known for its flip-up line. The N102 helmet is the premium flip-up Nolan helmet. This helmet has some solid features, but it is not without its flaws. Read on to learn about the helmets strengths and weaknesses.

The first thing you’ll notice about this Nolan motorcycle helmet is how comfortable it is. Surprisingly, the feel of this helmet rivals that of any top of the line Arai or Shoei helmet.

Another standout feature of the Nolan helmet is the latching mechanism. In place of the standard D-ring latch system, is Nolan’s unique “Microlock Retention System”. With this feature, you need only adjust the straps once then use the easy buckle to secure the helmet and you’re good to go. Some may not like this system, but I think it works well.

What you might not like about this helmet is the weight. As far as motorcycle helmets go, its a little bit on the heavy side. Compared to other flip-up helmets, though, this Nolan helmet is not that much different. With the added weight, flip-up helmets are better suited to riding in the upright position (cruiser, touring, etc.).

The Nolan helmet is priced moderately. You can usually find a good deal online, so you don’t have to spend your time searching through stores.

Another drawback of the Nolan helmet is the noise level. In some situations, the helmet can be a bit noisy. It’s not the noisiest helmet I’ve tested, but it’s not the quietest either.

If you’re in the market for a flip-up, you owe it to yourself to consider a Nolan motorcycle helmet. They are moderately priced and offer many of the features found on higher priced competing models. The overall quality is really quite good. Throw in the proprietary “Microlock Retention System” and superior comfort, and you’ve got a very attractive helmet. If you can find a good price on a Nolan helmet online, all the better. These helmets often go on sale. If you find a good sale price, jump on it before it’s gone. Happy shopping and ride safe!

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Is the New UK Motorcycle Test 2009 Causing Safety Issues For Motorcycle and Moped Riders?

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The new DSA Motorcycle Test 2009 has recently been under public scrutiny due to the number of crashes within the first few weeks of its use. The aim of the test was to improve the standard of road safety for motorcycle riders and ultimately all road users. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) said that the new test was essential to help reduce the number of deaths of motorcyclists in the UK. However, within the first few weeks since the test was brought in (end of April 2009), there were approximately 15 incidents within the test centres, and one of the learners actually ended up with broken bones!

The instructors blame the new “swerve test” where learners have to reach a speed of approximately 30mph and then perform a swerve on special tracks. Many instructors say that this is extremely dangerous, particularly in wet weather conditions. Jeff Stone from the British Motorcyclists Federation told the BBC that “a brake and swerve manoeuvre on a wet road is fraught with danger for even an experienced motorcyclists”. It is therefore difficult to understand why the DSA are putting such inexperienced learners at an unnecessary risk?

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) has in fact warned the government that the test is unsafe and requires fundamental changes. Paul Turner, the national chairman for MAG told the BBC news website that the test has been brought in “without enough consultation or consideration for riders”. In fact, he told the BBC that many of the test centres were not ready for the new test, and subsequently he argues that it was “very poorly implemented”.

Statistics from the Department of Transport have revealed that whilst there has been a decline in the number of motorcyclists being killed on UK roads in the past years, the number of casualties have started to gradually rise again. It is generally assumed that motorcyclists are often the cause of accidents, rather than the victims. However, this is not the case and there is evidence to suggest that many motorists are simply unaware of making themselves aware of motorcycles on the road and possible situations where they may encounter problems. Nevertheless, it is important to note that not all motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles, and many occur due to defective road-works, large potholes on the road and oil spillages that all pose dangers for motorcyclists and put them at undue risk.  

FACT: According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), the five most common motorcycle crashes are:

o Failure to negotiate left hand bend on country A road;

o Failure to negotiate right hand bend on country A road;

o Collision at junctions;

o Collision while overtaking;

o Loss of control

If you have been hurt or seriously injured motorcycle accident it is important to seek professional advice from specialist solicitors who will ensure that you obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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Dirt Bike Racing History and Overview

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Just about every boy or every tom boy loves to ride on a dirt bike. Dirt bike riding can be fun, even thrilling. Some even go as far as racing their dirt bikes, whether it is amateur or professional.

When amateur racing takes place, participants usually will race in the streets, on trails, on lots of land or at a park. The location will depend on where the group agrees to conduct the event. Amateur events have few guidelines, as people can use whatever bikes they wish.

Professional races are more structured. When individuals want to race professionally, they not only have to adhere to strict guidelines, they also must use a specific kind of bikes. For instance, the Motocross World Championship requires that participants use only motorcycles and no other kind of bike. The type of motorbike used will depend on the event organizers, though Motocross races seem to be the most common.

Professional dirt racing has a history that extends back to the 1950’s. The first Motocross races were held in the UK when trial runs for motorcycles were first conducted. Once the races gained popularity, the Japanese began manufacturing motorcycles to be used in races with top-of-the-line technologies. Now, it has spread across several continents, North America, South America, Africa and Europe. Professional racing usually takes place from the months of May until September.

The different types of machines that one can choose from are the ATV, also known as a four wheeler, and motorcycles. Some say that ATVs are much safer to ride because they ride on four wheels, thus they cannot be tipped as easily. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are the equivalent of two wheeled bike, thus there is a greater chance of tipping and having accidents. Regardless of the type of chopper one wishes to ride, it is essential to wear safety gear. Recommended gear is pants, gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, a mouth guard and a helmet. Sure, it seems like this is a lot of gear to wear; however, the gear will serve as a protection should an accident happen. Sometimes, wearing the gear makes a lifesaving difference because the helmet can protect from brain injuries, and the pads and other protective gear will keep the rider from sustaining wounds that can cause a severe blood loss.

The gear that is used for riding bikes can be purchased at a sports’ store or online. Those who are interested in saving money on gear can look for sales and promotions in the stores or on the Internet.

Coupons can also come in handy, and these can be gotten by going on various coupon sites or by visiting store locations.

If kids want to ride ATVs, they must wear gear, and it is not recommended that they ever ride a motorcycle, since those are a bit harder to control. Kids must also not participate in dirt bike racing because the sport is far too dangerous for kids who are inexperienced, though many of them will most definitely try to race their friends.

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What Are the Benefits of Using Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhausts?

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If you are a fan of motorcycles and love the chopper or the racer that you have, then it is almost certain that you have at some point in your motorcycling life considered modifying it for some reason or another. The first question that every rider faces after having had fun with his new bike for a few months is if he should modify it to look cooler, be more efficient, give more power or sometimes even make more noise. Motorcycle exhausts are usually the first thing that any bike rider considers changing on his bike. The following are some reasons why.


1. Most motorcyclists would say that they love the power of their bike between their legs when they are cruising somewhere or even speeding on the highway. The rush of a motorcycle that shoots off the starting line is something that any motorcycle enthusiast enjoys. Acceleration is one of the most basic factors of a motorcycle for its owner. Replacing the existing equipment with aftermarket motorcycle exhausts can allow a biker to improve the peak engine horsepower of his bike. These are known as free flowing exhaust systems that usually give the exhaust a straight path without the hindrance of shape change, catalytic convertors, complicated mufflers etc.


2. The vroom of a motorcycle is one of its most important aspects for the bike rider. In fact, many motorcycle enthusiasts even take the noise factor into consideration when they are buying a new bike. An Original Equipment Manufacturer exhaust system is designed to reduce the sound levels of the bike. However, some bikers have opposing views. These bikers use exhaust systems that actually promote the amount of sound that the bike makes.


3. In contrast to the above mentioned points, there are also bikers who look for the maximum fuel efficiency and the least sound. These are motorcyclists who prefer more futuristic bikes in comparison to raw, animalistic, conventional exhaust systems with lots of noise and power. Using well designed aftermarket motorcycle exhausts can improve the mileage of the bikes as well.


4. There is also the factor of looks to consider here because many bikers like to have the whole diehard, hardcore biker look. This is achieved by flashier and bigger exhaust systems that announce the presence of a traditionalist biker.


5. Sometimes, the demand for the aftermarket motorcycle exhausts is nothing but simply the fact that the Original Equipment Manufacturer exhaust system needs to be replaced due to wear and tear. Aftermarket exhausts are used as some original equipment exhausts may be hard to find or too expensive to purchase.

There are many reasons why exhausts are changed by the owner in their bikes. Similarly, there are many sources from which you can purchase a new exhaust for your motorcycle. However, the best medium to do so would be online because you get a lot more options to choose from.

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Yamaha R15 Motorcycle Review

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Yamaha India got back at the beginning of 2008 with some of the boldest unveilings at the Auto Expo. The YZF-R15 stopped heartbeats, slapped Yamaha’s critics in the face and brought Japanese motorcycles back onto the list of the most desired bikes in the Indian market.

The biggest doubt surrounding the Yamaha R15 before its launch was its performance, primarily because it utilizes a mere 150cc motor which has originated from a step-through in other Asian countries.

But after the track test, the R15 answered all questions with the most honest explanation any performance bike can give lap time. It is not only the fastest bike among the lot but the easiest to ride as well. So easy that the rider can point and shoot the bike into corners, make an error and still manage to get away with it.

It also has all the elements that today’s youth want including a full-faired body kit, twin cat-eyed headlights, clip-on handlebars, a digital console, a grunty exhaust note and brag rights in terms of acceleration and top speed.

Plus, state-of-the-art technology like the DiASiI cylinder, liquid cooling and four-valves for its single cylinder mill make sure that the R15 carves out a niche for itself in every respect.

The YZF-R15 has shocked the entire Indian motorcycle industry with its blend of performance, style and mass appeal. The Yamaha R15 does from a 150cc motor what other bikes can’t do even with 220ccs at their disposal.

Motorcycles in this segment as well as a segment above it, can only dream of achieving the R15’s precise handling. The bike is a technology showcase by itself and has pushed its component manufacturers to develop new technologies and products.

The Yamaha R15 outclasses its rivals with better power, more focus on performance, mass appealing aesthetics and a segment redefining feature list.

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A History of Motorcycle Helmets

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The engineer and industrial designer Gottlieb Daimler who also invented the first high-speed petrol engine, four-wheel automobile and the first motorcycle invented the first motorcycle helmet in 1885. This ‘helmet’ consisted of a leather cap with fur lining offering little real protection.

As technological and engineering advances increased and motorcycle design changed to incorporate a greater focus on speed, the number of accidents and fatalities also increased. The initial motorcycle helmet had not been designed to with stand high-speed impacts.

It was then that C.F Lombard, a University of Southern California professor designed and tested helmets with the strength to withstand and absorb the shock of an accident at high speed whilst protecting the wearer. The helmet incorporated both a hard outer shell to absorb and spread the impact of an accident but also a padded inner layer to provide added comfort.

After the introduction of this patented helmet to the market many agencies including government organisational bodies recognised the need for safety protection. This resulted with the introduction of mandatory helmet laws in America from 1966 onwards. These were quickly adopted in many other countries worldwide, including the UK.

From these initial helmets many developments and advances were made both in the design of the protective head wear but also to the materials used to produce them. Design changes included the shape of the helmet, the weight and also the fastenings used to secure them into place.

Modern helmets now have to pass rigorous safety tests. The motorbikes available on the market become ever more powerful means the protection needed from these super bikes also increases. There are numerous styles of helmet available in today’s market from full helmets, three-quarter helmets and half helmets.

The increased importance on safety over the years has meant that many manufacturers have introduced other protective lines to their ranges. Bikers nowadays always use a protective helmets but also the rely more and more on other types of protective clothing such as alpinestars biking boots, trousers and jackets.

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