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Ford Harley-Davidson Delivers Hallmark For Toughness

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Ford, which is said to be the leader in global automotive industry, unites with Harley-Davidson to create a series of pickup that will astound the truck market. 2007 Ford Harley-Davidson(TM) F-150 Super Crew is the latest from the two motoring giants. This limited-edition series is inspired by the Ford F150 pickup parts which are given further attitude to compete with other trucks on the road.

The 2007 Ford Harley-Davidson(TM) F-150 Super Crew is the 9th model from the partnership of Ford and Harley-Davidson. Since their partnership in the year 1999, the two giants have produced 6 F-150 models as well as Super Duty F-350 and F-250.

All-new Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Super Crew boasts its powerful and beefy 22-inch forged-aluminum wheels with split 5-spoke design to deliver precise driving experience. It also features chrome billet grille, blacked-out headlamps and dark tinted smoked-out tail lamps to accentuate its powerful stance.

Cisco Codina, president of Ford says “This truck builds on the legacy of toughness that’s been the hallmark of the Ford brand. Now, we’re giving customers more of everything they love with the boldest Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 ever – with all-wheel-drive capability, 22-inch polished forged-aluminum wheels and an interior that will take your breath away.”

F-150 Super Crew also comes in an entrancing black glossy Monotone exterior striped with hot-rod scallop. To add an air of elegance and roughness in its interior, designers used vent rings, chrome handles, floor shifter and door pulls. At its rear portion, the Harley-Davidson F-150 badge is placed. Aside from that, ground effects were augmented.

Gordon Platto, Ford F-Series Chief Designer says “We’ve designed a cockpit that’s a tribute to the open road. We’ve introduced high-gloss Piano Black cues along the instrument panel, center stack and console to bring in a feeling of visual motion. Combine that with the rich leather and bright chrome that’s been such an essential part of all our Harley trucks, and you’re surrounded with styling that salutes motorcycle culture.”

2007 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 Super Crew will be out for sale throughout North America this September.

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Automobiles Versus Motorcycles on the Road

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When was the last time you were on the road and you were headed out-of-town on a nice day and you did not see multiple motorcycle riders sharing the road with you? It seems like every time there is a chance to get away for a few says they, meaning motorcycle riders, have the same ideas too. Living in the southern states provides this opportunity often where you can ride eleven out of the twelve months and honestly you could ride the twelfth month if you have the appropriate riding gear for the road.

Free online auto insurance and motorcycle insurance will provide you some good comparison information that shows you it is not expensive to have a motorcycle if that is a mode of transportation you like to ride. They say they are dangerous and maybe they are but if you are able to do everything you can to make sure a car can see you then you are giving yourself the best chance the next person would have whether they are on a motorcycle or in a car. Cars can be a dangerous mode of transportation if you are a bad driver or if you are drunk behind the wheel.

Automobiles have the advantage of the four wheels and maintaining the full balance of the vehicles all the time. There are motorcycle riders that will put gadgets on their motorcycles that will shine in the evening hours so cars can see them. They may have reflectors on their boots, their helmets, and their jackets. Do you think they are trying to get your attention? You bet they are. The more attention they can get the safer they will be driving on the road and they know they will be seen.

When looking for free online auto insurance quotes you may want to see what the difference is if you ever have an interest in riding a motorcycle. Otherwise, check your rates to see where you can save and make sure you have the benefits you need to cover your vehicle you are currently driving. Everyone has the same goal on the road and that is to drive safely and to get where they need to go.

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Motorcycle Accidents and Lawsuit Pre Settlement Loans

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When it comes to motorcycle accidents you’re talking about one of the most serious types of accidents that can occur related to moving vehicles. Motorcycle accidents usually result in very serious injuries if not fatalities. According to the National Center for Statistics & Analysis in 2005 4,553 motorcyclists were killed with an additional 87,000 injured in the United States; these means 5% of all motorcycle accidents result in death. Unlike common belief, less than one forth of all motorcycle accidents aren’t due to negligence of the motorcyclist. Majority of the people involved in motorcycle accidents receive serious injuries and the lawsuits related to these accidents can take years to reach a verdict.

How does someone injured severely in an accident financially support themselves during the long process of their lawsuit? One answer is a lawsuit settlement loan. Lawsuit settlement loan providers understand that a motorcycle accident can leave the motorcyclist severely injured and unable to work; in this same process since they are injured and cannot work it’s impossible for them to keep up with bills; including medical bills, mortgages, car payments, etc. Due to that specific reason many plaintiffs in motorcycle accident lawsuits seek settlement loans to get cash to financial survive during their pending lawsuit.

You’re probably wondering, “What is a lawsuit settlement loan?” It’s really a simple concept; it’s when a settlement loan provider gives you a monetary loan based on your motorcycle accident lawsuit. They review the case and speak with your attorney to see how sound the pending lawsuit is against the defendant and then determine how much money the plaintiff can be loaned. You can specifically ask for a certain amount in a settlement loan, or ask how much money you could be loaned if a lawsuit loan is required. This is a great option for a plaintiff who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident due to the negligence of another driver.

The absolute best part of a lawsuit loan is the fact it is not really a loan. It is actually a non-recourse debt; this is due to the fact that if you lose your pending lawsuit you are not required to pay back the settlement loan. That’s right, you “ARE NOT” liable to pay back the money they provided you unless you “WIN” your lawsuit. Another interesting fact is your credit history, employment history and income do not play any role in the approve process of a settlement loan. So, if you’re in the middle of an accident lawsuit and need access to cash why not consider a lawsuit settlement loan. You can learn more about lawsuit loans for motorcycle lawsuit cases below.

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Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

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Owning a motorcycle can be a dream come true. They offer you freedom, excitement and affordable travel. In addition to being a great recreational vehicle they can also be an affordable commuting option. Motorcycles are inexpensive to drive because they don’t use very much gas and because they don’t require a lot of upkeep. However, to improve the quality of ride that your motorcycle delivers, to extend the life of your bike and to reduce the maintenance and repair costs associated with owning your motorcycle, you may want to invest time in learning how to replace, install and upgrade motorcycle parts and accessories by yourself.

There are several types of motorcycle parts and accessories that most motorcycle owners shop for on a fairly regular basis. The most common parts shopped for are those parts that deal with lubrication and friction reduction. These parts include oil filters, pumps and air filters.

Tires and wheel rims are two other motorcycle parts that most motorcycle owners shop for. Upgrading or replacing your motorcycle’s tires and rims can be a quick way to improve the look of your bike and to improve the smoothness of its ride. They can also be a great way to transform a bike from a street bike to a track bike, or from a street bike to a touring bike.

In addition to motorcycle parts, hardcore motorcycle gearheads also spend a lot of time and money shopping for motorcycle accessories. These accessories can either be for their bikes or for outfitting themselves. Accessories that are designed for outfitting bikes include bike covers and saddlebags. Accessories that are designed for outfitting the rider include helmets, caps, apparel and motorcycle gloves.

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Austrian Economics Vs Keynesian Economics

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It is pivotal when attempting to understand politics to understand economics as well. Understandably, not everyone has a PhD in economics, but nevertheless the average joe can cultivate an impressive level of knowledge if the effort is put in. Most people just assume that recessions or depressions just happen on their own, or inflation just happens, too. They assume the business cycle is just a fact of the economy: that it goes up and down, but does it?

According to Austrian economics, a boom-bust cycle of malinvestment is generated by excessive and unsustainable credit expansion to businesses and individual borrowers by the banks. For example, consider the sub-prime mortgage calamity where excessive credit was extended. A boom taking place under these circumstances is actually a period of wasteful malinvestment, a “false boom” where the particular kinds of investments undertaken during the period of fiat money expansion are revealed to lead nowhere but to insolvency and unsustainability. In other words, the bubble leading up to the housing crisis was very artificial. A “credit crunch” arrives when the consumers come to reestablish their desired allocation of saving and consumption at prevailing interest rates. Austrians argue that any attempts by federal governments to prop up asset prices, bail out insolvent banks, or “stimulate” the economy with deficit spending will only make the misallocations and malinvestments worse, prolonging the depression and adjustment necessary to return to stable growth. Austrians argue the policy error rests in the central bank’s negligence in allowing the “false” credit-fueled boom to begin in the first place, not in having it end with fiscal “austerity”.

Austrians generally argue that inherently ineffective central bank policies, including unsustainable expansion of bank credit through fractional reserve lending, are the cause of business cycles, as they tend to set artificial interest rates too low for too long, resulting in excessive credit creation, speculative bubbles and artificially low savings. Under fiat money systems, central banks create new money when it lends to member banks, and this money is multiplied many times. This new bank-created money enters the loan market and provides a lower rate of interest than that which would prevail if the money supply were stable.

So what causes inflation according to Austrian economics? Inflation is usually the result of action taken by the central government or its central bank, which permits or allows an increase in the money supply. In other words, so called stimulus is not only ineffective, but serves to further damage the situation. Austrian economists push the importance of a gold standard, or letting the market decide. Without such sound money constraints, the potential for abuse and miscalculation is inherent.

Now let us discuss keynesian economics. In stark contrast to the principles of Austrian economics, advocates of Keynesian economics argue that private sector decisions sometimes lead to inefficient macroeconomic outcomes which require active policy responses by monetary actions by the central bank and fiscal policy actions by the government. They prefer a mixed economy, a predominantly private sector, but with a significant role of government and public sector. A central conclusion of Keynesian economics is that, in some situations, no strong automatic mechanism moves output and employment towards high employment levels. This conclusion conflicts with economic approaches that assume a strong general tendency towards equilibrium, as the Austrians argue. Kenesian economics argue very heavily for active fiscal policy and intervention.

Austrian economists criticize the Keynesian approach for being too centralized. They argue that in a free market, the market itself would determine many of the factors that central banks attempt to manipulate.

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Getting the Best Motorcycle Jacket For Your Money

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There are several different types of things that need to be considered when it comes to the buying of a motorcycle jacket. This may seem like a useless purchase where any jacket will do, but many times this will be one of the more important aspects of your riding experience.

There is no feeling like riding your bike down the road with the sun beating down and the flow of wind in your hair. This can many times be a true experience that makes your experience all the worthwhile. This is why a lot of thought needs to be placed in this decision.

When you decide to make the purchase, you need to ask yourself a few questions first. The first of these questions is the fact of what type of rider are you? This makes a big difference in the type of jacket that you buy. If you are a true grit biker then you will want to get the traditional leather jacket for your needs.

If you are the type that is only on your bike on the weekends and generally in a small radius around your home, then denim is the right choice for you. This is because a leather jacket will just be a little too much for your needs and the amount of riding that you will be doing.

When at the store, make it a point that you talk to the salesperson and do not be afraid to ask questions. This is part of the learning experience and as a result this will lead you to needing answers that are important to know about the type of riding that you will be doing.

One thing that you need to remember is that leather does not breathe very well and as a result this will many times lead the person being extremely hot and sweating more than they really should. This excessive sweating can many times lead a person to have a bad time when it comes to their riding experience.

The type of motorcycle jacket that you buy will be an important decision that needs to be considered very carefully before you head to the store to get suited up with your own version of the American dream in the way of riding your bike and hitting the open road. Where will your motorcycle adventure lead you in the coming weeks and months ride on and enjoy the road.

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Motorola MOTO Q Review – A Review of the Motorola Q Mobile Phone

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The Motorola MOTO Q cellular phone is an impressive cell phone that epitomizes the ideal in mobile multimedia communication devices. This striking mobile phone is a remarkable 0.45 inches thick. The unit offers a full keyboard, five-way navigation key and a handy thumbwheel that makes single-hand operation quick and easy.

The full QWERTY keyboard has backlights that offer excellent visual clarity. There is a 1.3 mega-pixel camera built into the system and users can use the unit to send photos, video clips, text and sound. Windows Media Player Mobile is integrated into the system.

The Motorola Q offers features like video capture with sound and playback and dual stereo-quality speakers. The system supports most popular audio and video formats. The audio and video recordings can be saved on the removable miniSD cards. The miniSD cards also store photos and documents.

Odd are that the extra storage won’t be necessary considering that the Motorola Q boasts approximately 64MB RAM / 128MB Flash of built in memory. The memory allows for practically endless entries in the system’s phone book. Users can contact associates or open applications through the high-tech speech recognition system.

The Motorola MOTO Q has a handy hands-free speakerphone and convenient photo-caller ID. Messaging features are abundant on this unit and include multimedia messaging services (MMS), short messaging services (SMS) group SMS and instant messaging. Users can have multiple email addresses supported on this system.

Those who love to browse the World Wide Web will love the broadband-like connection offered by pocket Internet Explorer. Users can expect up to four hours of talk time and up to approximately 212 hours of standby time.

Even the little details like the built-in alarm clock and calculator add to the value of the Motorola MOTO Q. However, cutting-edge additions like Bluetooth support make the unit outstanding. Bluetooth accessories integrated into the Motorola Q include a headset, hands-free and stereo profiles. This multimedia communication device is most certainly worth a look.

Source by Jonathan Baker

You and Your Harley Davidson Cover

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Your Harley Davidson (HD) motorcycle says a lot about you – the model you choose, how you customize and accessorize your HD ride, and how you protect and care for it. Every single detail you put into your HD motorbike is an expression of yourself. In connection, your Harley Davidson cover is a representation of your personality as well.

Your taste in motorbike and the purpose of acquiring one are the two main factors that affect your decision making on the HD bike model you buy. You could be a dashing biker who takes satisfaction in showing off during motorcycle rallies and racing, or you could be the practical type of person who buys things for valuable intentions, and with budget considerations. The way you personalize and add a splash of accessories into your HD ride thus varies. If you are the dashing biker, then you would like to have a higher end variety of engine for an increased horsepower. However, if you are the practical type then a spacious luggage bag that ergonomically slips over your HD motorcycle’s backrest will be perfect for long trips. Which type of biker you may be, the important point is that you are free and able to express yourself the best way possible.

Moving on, the way you nurture and safeguard your HD motorbike also exhibits a lot about your individuality. If you are the sloppy type of person, you would not mind cleaning your HD motorcycle and you would not bother upholding its value. On the other hand, if you are the meticulous type of person, then vanity is the word you would like to endow your HD bike. You make certain that every single detail of your HD ride is shielded from possible negative factors, and is given utmost treatment and preservation. And, that is attainable with the use of Harley Davidson cover. Harley cover is outlined, engineered and manufactured with exceptional excellence from start to finish. Harley Davidson cover provides state-of-the-art trustworthiness when it comes to quality, durability and utility.

In this period of fast advancing technology, you don’t want to be left behind with innovations and reinventions. Harley cover now comes in various styles offering different capabilities to answer many storage concerns of HD motorcycle users – dependable long term storage, reliable and safe indoor and outdoor storage, blowing up of motorcycle cover during windy seasons, and other issues those HD bike owners face. And, to answer these varying storage issues, HD has tons of Harley Davidson cover to select from. You and your Harley Davidson cover is a steady and healthy partnership in maintaining your lavish HD ride.

Source by Mathew Valdez

Free Shipping Pocket Bike – Is This a Scam?

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Free shipping pocket bikes… do pocket bike companies really ship these free of cost? It would seem that miniature motorcycles would weigh quite a hefty amount to be shipping them around for free, don’t you think? The fact is that some companies out there who make their bread and butter from selling these awesome pieces of machinery actually do offer free shipping for their pocket bikes and super bikes, claiming free delivery of them right to your doorstep.

Now, this isn’t all that new in practice, however it may seem like news to many of us out there, and perhaps even a godsend, considering the size of the item to ship. But are there any catches to this, or is the whole idea of free shipping pocket bikes some kind of a scheme? Actually no, not at all – the fact is that these downsized motorcycles are very cheaply manufactured, and sometimes some companies can cut down on costs, both in production and in shipping rates by crate size, by delivering them slightly un-assembled.

Now, it isn’t as though you get a crate full of nuts and bolts, no… you merely have to attach the wheels with a wrench, strap on the chain and tighten it, or other such minor assembly tasks, depending on how the particular company does things. As a result, when a company offers free shipping for the delivery of gas pocket bikes or super bikes, they really don’t place their business in any jeopardy, but in fact they stand to increase their sales quite handsomely.

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Review of the Best Motorcycle Boots for Men

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There are many motorcycle boots for men that you can find online. However, choosing the right one is not that easy. There are many factors that you must consider before actually getting one. Most importantly, you must buy a pair that would suit your needs.

It is not surprising to see that most of today’s best motorcycle boots for men come from Harley-Davidson because not only do they know how to make the finest motorcycles, they also know how to complement it with quality boots. You can also expect their gears to be created with the same precision and detailing.

Shopping for shoes and clothes online can be risky because you might not always get the right size. That is why it is important that you buy from Internet retailers that have a good return policy. Also, reviews from customers can be of big help. For instance, it can tell you if the shoe is really true to its size or if you need to order a pair that is a size bigger or smaller.

Below is the 2011 Motorcycle Boots Review:

FRYE Men’s Harness 12R Boots – This is one of the best motorcycle boots of 2011 as proven by customer reviews. This attractive pull-on boots is very well-made and comfortable. It features a harness with an o-ring detail and attractive metal hardware. Very comfortable thanks to its cushioned poron insole and full-length mid-sole. You will really love the classic look and adventurous spirit that you can expect from FRYE.

Red Wing Motorcycle Men’s 971 Steel Toe Waterproof Boots – If you are looking for a heavy-duty, water-resistant boot, then this boot from Red Wing will protect you from harsh weather conditions. This is perfect for the enthusiasts who love riding long distances. It is very easy to break in for a rugged-looking steel toe.

Harley Davidson Men’s Dipstick Boot – It is one of the best motorcycle boots that you can get from the most famous motorcycle manufacturer today. It features lace-up styling for comfort and ease of use. Its full-grain leather uppers do not get blemished or scratched easily even with all the beating of an outdoor experience. It has a silver logo on the ankle that goes along well with its metal eyelets.

No one would expect that a cheap motorcycle boot could be this tough yet attractive. It is very comfortable for a boot and it can even be used every day at work or just about anything else.

Source by Harold Manning